Sunday, January 3, 2010

Famous Artists School Course Free Online Material

The undoubtedly great famous Artists School course material from the 50s/60s are now made available online for free by couple of folks. This is great, since these materials are very very hard to come by, and even if they do, they are not in good shape.

There is always going to be a question of copyright and stuff. If you do look at it from a broad angle this course is some sort of world heritage stuff. To be preserved for posterity. The lessons are so absolutely to the point, and practical and applicable , created by commercially successful artists of the time. And they were wonderfully packaged into a coherent course by the ever so shrewed a business mind, as great as an illustrator, Albert Dorne.

Albert Dorne, Norman Rockwell, Willard Mullin just to name a few of the faculty, was a dream team.

There were basically three courses paths the students could take: Commercial Illustration, Cartooning and Painting.

(1) Here is where you will find the entire course material for the Commercial Illustration Course:

The Complete famous Artists Course (1960) at onAnimation blog. Thanks to Daniel Caylor for this great job.

(2) Here is where you wil find the still harder to get Cartoon course:

The Famous Artists Cartoon Course at Comicrazys blog.

Enjoy while it lasts.

Big salute to Albert Dorne and Co. !


Chris Sobieniak said...

Shame the Illustration course downloads were taken down, apparently Famous Artsts got wise and bothered stepping in that time, hopefully they won't do so with the Cartooning link since they don't even offer that course anyway.

Ganapathy Subramaniam said...

Yeah.. shame indeed. and look at the folks who claim to run the school now. A faint shadow of the majestic school created and run by Albert Dorne.. a master illustrator!

I would think these must be made into National Monuments, or Heritage Stuff, and preserved and digitally distributed.

Jack Disbrow said...

You have illegally published The Famous Artists School copyrighted course materials and allowed it to proliferate to other blogs on the internet. Please remove it from your sites. If people are interested in our courses they can go to: or

Ganapathy You don't even know us - thanks for the pithy comment...

Ganapathy Subramaniam said...

Jack, thanks for your comment.

Just so it is clear, I have NEITHER published the books NOR they are my sites!

What you see in this post are samples for people to know how valuable and great these materials are, and how great a concept it was.

My opinion is only about the material being so invaluable, they must be made available to all art students.

It certainly would be a shame if all the great art works were copyrighted and people have to pay to view.

It would be a weird world, where people didn't know about the Mona Lisa or the Last supper, or David, or Monet's cathedrals, because they were copyrighted and prevented from viewing without a fee. My personal opinion is this material set is on par with such great treasures.

Whether the entire course material should be made available or not....? Well...Copyright and copy left are too deep a subject to debate here, and I am not interested in that.

Of course people who do want a course led by instructors they might benefit by signing up at a school.

Once more..
Just so it is clear, I have NEITHER published the books NOR they are my sites!

Anonymous said...

How much would you pay for the fa Famous Artists Cartoon Course books in aged but almost perfect working condition - all three books?

Anonymous said...

I am having difficulty signing on but I want to know whether or not my fa books are of value.

I have the Famous Artists Cartoon Course books all three of them.

They are aged but in almost perfect working condition.

I went to CalArts and am just now realizing they may be somewhat rare.

Thank you,
Heather Glenn

Ganapathy Subramaniam said...

Hi Heather, Great to know you took those courses and went on to CalArts!!
These books especially the cartooning course are a rarity and are worth a fortune depending on the condition.
I would check,, and search for this item to get an idea.
If you do have photos of them please share it with me. You can reach me at