Monday, February 18, 2008

Famous Artists School Course

The Famous Artists School was an awsome school that was started in the late 40's by noted illustrators of the time such as Norman Rockwell. The school offered the courses by correspondence, and covered three areas. Painting, Commercial Art and Illustration, Cartooning.

I scouted for a copy for the Illustration course on eBay and elsewhere and lucky was I to hit the nice Antiquarian store in beautiful Monterey Bay. They are Capre Diem Fine books, I found them online, enquired about the books, the books were supposedly in excellent condition. This is the 1964 edition of the Illustration course. after a wait for a period of three weeks, they arrived by mail, and was that a large package !, since the binders containing the course material are oversized and overweight. Its a shame that I had to pay more for shipping it to India, than the price of the books themselves. However when it arrived and I started to browse through them I was simply blown away.

This is one course that we need. nothing more. So detailed, so comprehensive, with lucid explanations, and ofcourse several drawings by these great set of illustrator-teachers.

The wondeful folks at ASIFA have a few lessons scanned and have them online. Check out the lessons on Compositon and Wash drawing, I'm sure you will be blown away. There are tons of information. I am delighted to have known that such a course exisits.
For that matter the school, Famous Artists School, is still up and running, albeit with different instructors.
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Anonymous said...

hi, iam also from india,and iam thinking of joining famous school,as you might have read the book is it worth it's money

Ganapathy Subramaniam said...

The current Famous Artists School, is run by a different management, and ofcourse different faculty.

In my opinion, the learning material is what sets this school apart. I guess they still use the same material. Check with them and join the course.

If you could elaborate on what you are looking for, I might be able to help you with some pointers.

Chris Sobieniak said...

I miss the days of the "Talent Test" ads in comic books I wish I could've sent in for myself!

Ganapathy Subramaniam said...

Christopher, I guess those were part of an era.. only folks who have lived through can relish. I miss them too.. Life has sophisticated far too much now... But I guess awesome materials like these provide immortality for that bygone era.