Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Glenn Vilppu Drawing for Animation

Glenn Vilppu is a fantastic teacher, and a great artist. A true draughtsman of the figure in the tradition of the great artists of the renaissance.

His books and video lectures are awesome. Anyone serious about figure drawing, illustration must get their hands on his material. He conducts workshops, online training and guided tours. lucky Los Angels!

Here, I am collecting a series of articles that he has written in the Animation World Network Magazine, over a period of time. I am setting them here in a nice sequence for easy access.These are treasures.

Drawing For Animation

This is the ultimate series on getting started and mastering drawing. Very effectively tailored with the modern animation student in mind.

Spherical Forms
The Box
Introducing Material and Proportion
Drawing Ellipses
From the General to the Specific
The Landmarks of Anatomy
Seeing Anatomical Masses
Seeing The Figure As A 2D Object
Using Tone To Draw (Indirect lighting)
Getting a Handle on Direct Lighting
Using The Idea Of Atmosphere

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