Friday, December 26, 2008

Charles Dana Gibson

Its hard to imagine how certain things would be possible without the instantaneous source of information that the internet offers. As time progresses we experience so many various things, some deeply embedded in mind, and always afresh, several others hidden a bit too deep.

One such piece of information is about an illustrator who drew some fantastic pictures for the famous story The Prisoner of Zenda. While at high school I always used to look at awe the beautiful illustrations accompanying the stories, and wondered who drew all these magical pictures. some had their names, some not.

Recently I stumbled upon a beauty of an illustration in Glenn Vilppu's website, and upon a little googling it lead me to the illustrator of Prisoner of Zenda. Charles Dana Gibson

There are plenty of his art work available for the pleasure of study on the Net. Looking at which one can be certain Gibson was a huge influence on the Golden Age Illustrators.

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