Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Gift

Another gem from the world of Russian children books , this one is my favorite.

This was perhaps the first of a series of such books that my mother had bought us, and it remained so fresh in my mind. She got us two versions one in English and one in Tamil (பரிசு ). It was a uniquely interactive book.

There were cutout elements, that when turned from one side would reveal a gift inside! and best part is, we have to do all the cutting out!

There were some beautiful stories, as always. such as the one here..

what beautiful and simple illustrations!

The illustrator V. Stuteyev was no doubt brilliant. using such simple lines, what a drama he has created!

This story was etched in my mind. and I could never let it go!

Among the other interesting parts, was this stunningly novel idea of using a 'film strip' to have your own show! Sequential pictures were printed on a sheet, that needs to be cut out as strips.

And then there were two activities. one was a trip on a train and have these beautiful scenes go past us..

Or have your very own TV show in your home..

Simply cut the slits at the places indicated, and slide the strips through them! I recollect having hours and hours of fun, both preparing the cutouts, as well as playing it out!

I have been scouting for this book for ages, to eventually find out a copy lying in a stash in my very own house! 

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