Friday, January 13, 2012

Book Review : Mail-Order Mysteries by Kirk Demarais

Good Old Times

This is a fascinating book that collects mail order advertisements that appeared in between the stories in popular comic books during the 60s and the 70s.

The advertisements reflects a time when there was a charm for simple things, yet mysterious and fun. The products included anything and everything that would kindle the wild imagination of the mostly young adolescent readers, and wanting them to order them right away.

Be it a larger-than-life monster, or an army of toy soldiers, spy pens, gags, magic tricks or an instant money maker(!) or the ultimate gadget the X-ray specs, these ads had everything a kid ever wanted.

This book collects almost all of such ads, in a rock solid hardbound cover. The pages inside are very thick and this book is made to last. The style brings back the pulp comic book look and feel, yet in a rugged fashion. Very well made.

The author classifies the ads nicely into a few interesting categories.. 

Super powers 
War Zone 
House of Horrors 
High Finance 
Better Living 
Top Secret 

Each ad is presented with the picture of the ad along with following nice and hilarious analysis, 
'We Imagined' 
'They Sent' 
'Behind the Mystery' (for some items) 
'Customer Satisfaction'

This is an awesome recollection of the days gone by, for those who read those books and were part of the pulp comic book era, and a fascinating read for those who came in late.

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