Saturday, March 1, 2008

Water Brush

" For those who don't know, a water brush or waterbrush (some makers use two words while others combine them into one) has a soft plastic barrel which contains water. When you squeeze the barrel, water enters the bristles, thus eliminating the need for a separate water container. It also makes cleaning the brush between colors a breeze. These are great for watercolor sketching on location. All you need is a waterbrush, a small set of half pan watercolors and a sketchbook, plus some tissue paper or a rag. No more water bottle and cup. If you use a small sketchbook, your entire set up will fit in a pocket. " writes Russel Stutler. Read on about this great utility here.

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jobi said...

Guess you never tried the Pentel Fountain Brush. It is something I carry with me every day.